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Liyada Matte Liquid Lipstick & Lipliner Set (various shades)


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When it comes to applying makeup, the old adage of “less is more” is often the case with most makeup looks.

  • FOR MATTE FINISH: This incredible set by Liyada is wonderful for any makeup look and makes a great addition to your cosmetics collection with a matte, velvet finish. Liyada has something for everyone to enjoy in a wide variety of beautiful, long-lasting shades.
  • WORKS WITH MOISTURIsERS & LIP BALMS: If your lips dry easily, apply your favorite moisturiser or lip balm and wait for it to dry before applying lipstick so you can achieve your best, flawless look throughout the day.
  • RICH FROM PALE TO DARK: Liyada lipsticks range in colour to dark deep red, hot red with orange tones, or nude pink and brown shades. With this wide range of color variations from Liyada, you are free to vary your look from day to day depending on your own personal preferences or mood.
  • CONVENIENT SMALL PACKAGING: These liquid lipsticks by Liyada come in conveniently size of tubes to fit easily into your makeup bag or organiser for ultimate convenience. They also come with matching lip liner to complete your look. Whether you’re perfecting your look at home, applying a new coat, or touching it up on the go, these liquid lipsticks can be there from start to finish.
  • RELEASE YOUR INNER QUEEN: Although makeup should never be used to mask your natural beauty, there’s definitely no harm in spicing your look up a bit with some tastefully applied cosmetics to reveal your inner goddess. These lipsticks by Liyada are a prime way to elevate your look from your gorgeous, natural beauty base, accentuating your best features.

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L1-Kourt, L2-Dolce, L3-Posie, L4-Goss, L5-Icon, L6-Candy, L7-Koko, L8-Famous


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