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Profusion 4pcs Glitter Silicone Sponge Set


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STAYS HYGIENIC: Our Silicone Makeup Sponge is made of 100% medical grade silicone and safe for the skin. Its soft and flexible exterior covering will not irritate your skin.

COST EFFICIENT: The non-porous surface of the sponge won’t soak in your foundation, and thus allows you to use only half of what you usually put on with the normal makeup sponges. The silicone sponge itself also lasts longer than a traditional sponge. You just need to replace it when it starts to look weathered.

FLAWLESS FINISH: The smooth, flexible surface blends your foundation out to give you an airbrush-like finish. It does take some practice to get used to it. Please see the instruction and make sure you get some practice until you reach the flawless finish.

EASY TO CLEAN: Just rinse with soap and water, and it goes back to the brand new condition! If you don’t have water at hand, use a wet paper towel or a few drops of alcohol. Do not use hot water.


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