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W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow Stencil Kit


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Eyebrows frame the face and having groomed brows can make the world of difference to any look! W7 brow bar eyebrow stencil kit is the easiest way to achieve instantly beautiful brows. The set contains four eyebrow powders of different shades and a mini applicator in a handy little compact as well as a larger applicator, eyebrow comb and three eyebrow stencils of different sizes.

Set Contains:

  • 4 Eyebrow colours (fill weight 5g)
  • 3 Eyebrow stencils
  • 1 Eyebrow comb
  • 1 Eyebrow brush


  1. Comb/Brush eyebrow hair upwards
  2. Place eyebrow stencil over the eyebrow in desired position
  3. Brush the eyebrow with a colour shade that matches your hair
  4. Carefully remove the eyebrow stencil from the eyebrow


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